15 Business Ideas You Can Start Immediately This Year

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash
Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Getting into business may be tough, but not impossible.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs remained shackled. Shackled by no funding to support their intended undertakings. But what if finances are not a problem?

What if there were some business ideas that are viable, yet requiring the least amount of start-up financing? You see, many people want to start out with these brilliant, big things out there which cost much. Many such aspirations went down the drainage in the past. Maybe 2019 should be different.

Some people are demotivated by the fact of thinking that there’s just no business out there. They believe all ideas that could work have been taken. Which, of course, isn’t entirely true.

All one has to do is be on the look for what remains an unmet need. People always have problems. And that means people are always willing to pay for solutions to their problems. Take it this way, businesses exist to solve problems. That should keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive.

It is, however, very important to also note that some business ideas will depend more on individual experiences of aspiring entrepreneurs. Well, some don’t necessarily call for, particularly, academic and/or professional experiences. So in opting for any of the following, be careful to see what will be required of you in order to finish well.

Here’s a list of practical small business ideas for beginners:

  1. Social media Influencer: how many people are social media illiterate? Today the number has declined, to almost none. People are on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. As opposed to using these platforms for cyber-bullying, may be they can actually be used productively. People admire that. After enough recognition, you can then begin to commercialise your services.
  2. Flea Market Vendor: we’ve got enough talent in this country. People can use their hands to make amazing handicrafts. Using grass, stones, clay, timber etc. after the production of these they can sell them at flea markets. Flea market days provide platforms to hook producers with consumers.
  3. Accountant: not all business owners are well up to speed with bookkeeping. Some have working business entities but poor accounting has kept their entities looking lifeless. So if you’re a trained accountant these people are your market. Make yourself known and available to them. Think of this as a field of strategic thinking. The world of business demands reliable bookkeeping, so rather than wait for employment somewhere this can be a turn in career course for many.
  4. Life coaching: people face differing challenges in life. They all want to succeed, but many don’t know how. So this is the thing they’d readily pay for. They want someone who sees their potential as individuals and who can communicate that to them. If you’re good with people, you may want to go for it.
  5. Tutoring business: we always have struggling students, in one way or the other. So one can help those facing the problems with the things him/her mastered. Think of external students, they’re a good market. This is especially relevant to those with background in teaching.
  6. Event Planning Business: people are always celebrating something. They want to make an impression to their guests. So for those with background in catering, look no further than this. Let people know that you’re available and see what happens.
  7. App developer: we’ve got so many IT technicians or computer scientist out there. So, instead of being idle and hoping for some luck with future employment starting an App may be just the thing. Improve on already existing but problematic Apps if you have to. Then find a good marketing strategy, from the you’ll starting earning.
  8. Business Plan Designer: from what I know, many aspiring entrepreneurs fail in documenting business plans. So that background in business plan design or drafting should get to some good use. Those great people will readily pay for help with getting their businesses on the go.
  9. Sustainability consultant: for agribusiness world like ours, farmers don’t always know about strategies on sustaining their productivity. So for those with some academic and practical know-how this is the deal. We continue to experience global warming, people are panic stricken and they’re looking for someone who they can see as a ray of hope- someone who is an advisor on eco-friendly business practices.
  10. IT Trainer: ever heard of the term “Born-before-technology?” yep, it does exist. We’ve got a great number of those who grew before us with computer and internet illiteracy. These people are also keen about getting out into the real world. Set yourself as a mobile IT trainer and teach as well as help them integrate into modern day times. Teaching basics is what most people will require of you.
  11. Home Decorators: people renovate their buildings at all times. Some would if someone was there to do it. So some may use their tiling, carpentry and/or ceiling basics to help out these folks.
  12. Personal Trainer: fitness is coveted by many people. So for those with commendable background in fitness training this area is more open than ever. Market yourself and people will readily come.
  13. Upholstering and repairing furniture: for those with a knack for sewing, look no further than this. People always want their car seats and sofas kneaded and/or renewed. So marketing yourself can get you going.
  14. Selling old books: students and all other bookworms will be your target. Find as many old books from people as you can and make a business out of them. You can bet that people want to buy a book at much lesser prices. So your business can be a gold mine in disguise.
  15. Appliance repair: people have problems with their electric appliances daily. They would rather have them fixed than buy new expensive ones. So this presents an incredible business idea.

The list goes on. But overall, business ideas always present themselves to serious seekers. Let’s get started. Somebody once said, “the best way to get started, is getting started.”


Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.