10 Quotes from our Writing Competition that’ll make you go ’Wha-?’


Just when we thought we were done with this year’s writing challenge, we found there’s more to share from the submissions we received. Take a look at some of the most startling quotes from our writers.

Lintle Mothetho

We need to remember that in a democratic society, we are all government. Each voting finger (generously doused with that blank marker), places elected officials into positions of power to represent us, and attend to our issues. Finding resolutions that can bring positive, long term change, should be a communal effort in which we all recognise the power we have to reach the potential of Lesotho.

Bohlokoa Lephoi

Its saddening how one sees a lot of youth during election times to vote certain people who promise to make their lives better and shut their office doors afterwards.

Our country currently possess youth who don’t have the patience to build a business for three years yet are patiently willing to go to work for 40 years.

Nthabeleng Rampubane

Educated as we may be we are either ignorant to the fact that we have the power to change our circumstances or it’s simply in our nature to accept these injustices as it has always been.

‘Mafumane Jane Lephoto

We need a sustainable education that is able to meet our current needs without compromising those of the future generation. This should be education that enable us from as early as high school to be prepared for the world full of challenges, the education that is able to inform us of our rights, our voice, our responsibilities as the young people and be able to create future leaders who have strong morals and adhere to strong ethical leadership…

Mantsebeng Maepe

Lesotho can rise to great heights with more social entrepreneurs. Not only will we manage to succeed in tackling the sustainable development goals, but we will triumph over them. Social entrepreneurship has spill over effects that nurture social cohesion and build nations.

Mokheseng Buti

Conflict resolution is not only a challenge for us as the youth, but has proven to be a challenge for those that have come before us. The biggest danger we continue to face as the youth however is that in being unable to find means to deal with it, we will continue to face a future painted with darkness due to lack of understanding.

Nomza Adontsi

Once we admit that unemployment is real and not a one man’s problem the better we can respond to it instead of pointing fingers at each other.

Tsepo Semethe

There is a saying attributed to Confucius that goes, “a man who chases too many rabbits catches neither”. This old adage clearly sums Lesotho’s endeavors in trying to get out of poverty. We have been chasing too many rabbits for far too long and it is now time to stop, refocus and pull ourselves out of this misery for only we, Basotho, can bring our economic salvation.

Leoma Monaheng

Generation X was soon to learn that no lecturer, test or any class that they had previously attended, at times religiously, would prepare them for the outside world. This realization came in part after a series of traumatic rejections our heroes were faced with after tertiary, no corporate, non profit, parastatal wanted to “touch” them, much less hire them, our valient knights fell from glory, far from the starry eyed hopefuls they once were, they now felt like lepers.