10 positivity gears you should put on before you lock the door each morning

Guest Post by Ponts'o Mokone

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Everyday we face different battles as individuals. Be it unemployment, unhealthy work environment, overwhelming school work, peer pressure, abusive people around us, business on the verge of bankruptcy, difficult clients, unfavorable weather conditions, terminal illness, lifelong disability, you name them. Without proper medication to tame the chaos, we end up grumpy and sorry for ourselves for the rest of what out to be a beautiful day. Here are a few tips to consider before you get out to the chaotic world:

  1. Put on your favourite clothes. The ones you know you look good in. Trick is, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good.
  2. Smile. Take a moment and look in the mirror, smile. There you go. See how good you look when you smile? Do that often. You can even add playful faces , winks, etc
  3. Pack your favourite lunch. Food can boost your mood, especially your favourite. Divert your negative thoughts to food. You can also nibble on a favourite snack and get totally lost in the moment.
  4. Create a to do list. Staying idle is one of the things that can make your mind wander and erode unnecessary information into your brain, and in so doing, drowning all your energy.
  5. Read a page or two from ’10 stupid things.” Get yourself a copy of ‘Ten Stupid Things Young people say or do” by Moss Mashamaite. Believe me, Yu will find yourself blown away and smiling down your ways. The book literally changes your perspective towards life and leaves you intrigued.
  6. Treat yourself to a hot bath and light candles. Listen to music and think about absolutely nothing.
  7. Listen to a podcast or motivational audio book. That can highly gear you up for the day.
  8. Pray. As odd and naive as it may seem to other people, praying activates inner peace and higher power within a person. It gives hope when it feels like it’s all gone and leaves a person uplifted.
  9. Revisit your favourite childhood memory. Believe me, taking that picture where you and your family were on vacation will stimulate happy thoughts within you and you will see how much love you have around you.
  10. Gratitude. One of the most powerful and vital weapon one can choose to acquire. A grateful heart is happy, has forgiveness, appreciates even the littlest achievements and is loving and caring, despite all the odds against.