Ubuntu: The African Spirit


I recently started work under contract, a few weeks back, what startled me about this new turn of events was how little I had in terms of “professional” looking attire, I am a farm boy and until recently, I didn’t, in fact didn’t have the time to consider looking clean cut.

I hate borrowing stuff from my brother, the more “professional” looking one between us, but then again hey! You have to do what you have to do to get by. What really pulled at my heartstrings was all the “decluttering” I had to do in my wardrobe.

I realised that, damn! I really don’t need a lot of this stuff in here. Well, at least not for the route I have currently chosen for my life.

How many of us have been to that crossroad, having to choose different for your life, “out with the old, in with the new!” How many of us have actually stood back to realise that we were actually lucky to have been granted that opportunity to grow.

Divine works were at play here, luck is itself a spiritual concept, better known in the realm of the spirit as serendipity, a moment of conscious awareness. These moments in life come few and far between, I can tell you that now.

But, in continuation, what happens after that moment turns a light on in your head. After you realise that you have been blessed?

Most of us fail to give back, instead choosing to keep all the “glory” for ourselves. But once we can understand that people are really all the same, we would become more empathetic. Once we can understand that the person across the street would love to be loved, sheltered, clothed and fed just as you would, then the world would generally be a better place.

Our current state of affairs does not allow us to be de-conscientious about issues that face our fellow man. Due to social media and the vastness and spread of internet based platforms, we have become closer than we have ever been and yet farther than we could ever become.

The root cause of this phenomenon lies in us failing to relate to the plight of our fellow man. It’s not easy being you, I’m sure, but somewhere, right now, someone is having a tougher time at being themselves.

Whereas your problems maybe growth directed, the next man’s issues maybe those of survival. Ever heard the sound of your stomach when you’re hungry, that low grumble that sounds like the plea of an anxious?

None of us is immune to the struggles of life, some of us are just better protected to deal with whatever may come our way. So on the 28th and before then, KEMNET will be pledging to give back to the less fortunate, I urge you to be a part of this.


KEMNET is a communications network that is solely interested in the pursuit of the “African Dream.” It is our hope that by presenting to you (the youth of Africa) a platform where you can voice your opinion on issues that affect us here on this black continent; we will bring about a positive change.