The Blue Ribbon Challenge: A chef in the making


“For the last time, I will help you anyway that I can,” I said as I came out of the lounge, fresh from a 15 minutes nap. Who could blame me. Work was as hectic as usual.

My partner is almost a head shorter than me, a fierce, independent and strong willed person who refuses to be gendered, so I will try to refrain from calling my “person” SHE.

The kitchen is her office. I am always in awe of people who have a passion and seek by all means to follow it. My “person” is one of these people.

As has become customary with us, nothing should ever be made twice in this office, so lots of playing and experimentation is encouraged.

On the menu: Blue ribbon bread and everything under the sun you could do with it. Why bread, even though my “person” is less inclined to high carbohydrate foods?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple, so simple that you could find it in the paragraph that came right before this one, WE HATE NORMALITY AND STRIVE TO ALWAYS SHAKE THINGS UP!

The blue ribbon challenge was a grueling 3 weekend experience in which we had to do anything we could under 30 minutes using Blue Ribbon products as the main ingredient. The result was always amazing,  I was truly amazed at how bread could be used  in so many different ways. 

An artist is anyone who can create an experience from any materials that they can find, musicians use instruments, painters use paint, my person uses food, well in this case.., Blue Ribbon products! 


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