Dear Selibeng.com,

I first came across your website a few months ago and was instantly grateful for a job site relevant and dedicated to opportunities in Lesotho. My friends and I, all unemployed, often lamented the absence of websites for jobs in Lesotho. This is a great initiative on your part, given that information on most company websites in Lesotho is often out-dated or non-existent.

Most of us are aware of the severity of unemployment in Lesotho, particularly among young people whose fraught experience of entering the labour market continues to worsen. Lesotho’s stubborn unemployment crisis has cast a shadow on the prospects of youth. Grim financial situations further bully young people into missing out on information, particularly information relating to job vacancies often advertised in print media. How are young people expected to purchase newspapers and keep an eye out for notices when an M6.50 taxi ride proves challenging?

As an individual who has not given up hope, Selibeng has become an indispensible tool for me on my journey to success. I can’t thank you enough for the information you make available to the hordes of young people seeking credible employment and other opportunities. Furthermore, thank you for creating a user-friendly and convenient platform for young people to access valuable information. I also appreciate the fact that you often highlight and recognize efforts by young entrepreneurs in Lesotho. May you continue to assist young people and overcome any challenge that you encounter.

I can’t thank you enough!

Cecilia M. Mokotjo

I thank you for outstanding services to enhance the betterment of this nation!

Kendrick Leroy


For the first time, I started using Selibeng.com to search for different vacancies. Within days, I found relevant positions advertised that were in my areas of expertise and I started applying. Later I was invited for an interview at one of the leading ICT companies in Lesotho and I landed a job as a Web Developer. This was a successful experiment.

Teboho Moshe