Self-Awareness and Well-Being Assessment

    This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the various competences of emotional intelligence as they apply to you. These competences include:


    The ability to recognise what you are feeling, to understand your habitual emotional responses to events and to recognise how your emotions affect your behaviour and performance. When you are self-aware, you see yourself as others see you, and have a good sense of your own abilities and current limitations.

    Managing emotions

    The ability to stay focused and think clearly even when experiencing powerful emotions.
    Being able to manage your own emotional state is essential for taking responsibility for your actions, and can save you from hasty decisions that you later regret.

    Motivating oneself

    The ability to use your deepest emotions to move and guide you towards your goals. This ability enables you to take the initiative and to persevere in the face of obstacles and setbacks.


    The ability to sense, understand and respond to what other people are feeling.
    Self-awareness is essential to having empathy with others. If you are not aware of your own emotions, you will not be able to read the emotions of others.

    Social Skill

    The ability to manage, influence and inspire emotions in others. Being able to handle emotions in relationships and being able to influence and inspire others are essential foundation skills for successful teamwork and leadership.

    Read each statement and decide how strongly the statement applies to you.

    1.I realise immediately when I lose my temper
    2.I can reframe bad situations quickly
    3.I am able to always motive myself to do difficult tasks
    4.I am always able to see things from the other person’s viewpoint
    5.I am an excellent listener
    6.I know when I am happy
    7.I do not wear my ‘heart on my sleeve’
    8.I am usually able to prioritise important activities at work and get on with them
    9.I am excellent at empathising with someone else’s problem
    10.I never interrupt other people’s conversations
    11.I usually recognise when I am stressed
    12.Others can rarely tell what kind of mood I am in
    13.I always meet deadlines
    14.I can tell if someone is not happy with me
    15.I am good at adapting and mixing with a variety of people
    16.When I am being ‘emotional’ I am aware of this
    17.I rarely ‘fly off the handle’ at other people
    18.I never waste time
    19.I can tell if a team of people are not getting along with each other
    20.People are the most interesting thing in life for me
    21.When I feel anxious I usually can account for the reason(s)
    22.Difficult people do not annoy me
    23.I do not prevaricate
    24.I can usually understand why people are being difficult towards me
    25.I love to meet new people and get to know what makes them ‘tick’
    26.I always know when I’m being unreasonable
    27.I can consciously alter my frame of mind or mood
    28.I believe you should do the difficult things first
    29.Other individuals are not ‘difficult’ just ‘different’
    30.I need a variety of work colleagues to make my job interesting
    31.Awareness of my own emotions is very important to me at all the times
    32.I do not let stressful situations or people affect me once I have left work
    33.Delayed gratification is a virtue that I hold to
    34.I can understand if I am being unreasonable
    35.I like to ask questions to find out what is important to people
    36.I can tell if someone has upset or annoyed me
    37.I rarely worry about work or life in general
    38.I believe in ‘Action this Day’
    39.I can understand why my actions sometimes offend others
    40.I see working with difficult people as simply a challenge to win them over
    41.I can let anger ‘go’ quickly so that it no longer affects me
    42.I can suppress my emotions when I need to
    43.I can always motivate myself even when I feel low
    44.I can sometimes see things from others’ point of view
    45.I am good at reconciling differences with other people
    46.I know what makes me happy
    47.Others often do not know how I am feeling about things
    48.Motivation has been the key to my success
    49.Reasons for disagreements are always clear to me
    50.I generally build solid relationships with those I work with