Takatso Kumi: This Is What Has Kept Me Unstoppable

By Takatso Kumi, Author of The Unstoppable Youngsters


Let me share a side of my story that has made me unstoppable in these harsh socioeconomic conditions.

 A lot of information about how I perceive the world has been documented in a book I wrote titled The Unstoppable Youngsters. Well, being unstoppable is an art understood only by a few, for it entails the master strategy any man can take to attract positive circumstances into their own lives – and it costs a little to no monetary value, except a burning desire to be a patient student of life.   

It is my burning desire to learn anything possible in the direction of unearthing the secret to societal development, without hindrance by attitude, not just for myself, but for the benefit of generations and generations to come – LEGACY.

I live among the generation of youth who have been habituated to live for now, dine for now, and be merry for now as a doorway to forgetting about the harsh socioeconomic conditions brick-walling every opportunity that can be a breakthrough to their success.

Well let me not say success, but rather say to be unstoppable, for success is often misunderstood. This has forced them to outsource inspiration, motivation and any means for success, but to no avail. I call this Direct Approach, Chapter 3 in my book – doing the same thing over and over expecting different results; insanity.

I chose to be different, to embody intellectual wisdom gathered from my long years of personal development, to rebrand a definition of Basotho philosophy, and to be the new philosopher Basotho have long since been waiting for ever since the great philosopher – Chief Mohlomi. 

It’s not for fame, but to harness a new perspective of rebuilding the fallen kingdom by bringing it back to the power of the mind – the faculty above one’s neck, and to acknowledge the power of a written philosophy. I took an Indirect Approach, Chapter 2 in the book, which has been my foundation for a totally different perspective of life.

Am I any different from anyone? No, except that I am passionate about life and creating a legacy for generations to come so that they can see that someone took a great initiative to build a strong foundation on which not even a single one of them will be labeled with a shamefully insulting poverty mindset.

From my long time toil and deep research, I have found that poverty is an insult to unfailing natural principles which are purely governed by one law – abundance. I am not any extraordinary. I am an ordinary Mosotho guy with terrifyingly big dreams. I dream so big that I get scared at the achievement of the seemingly impossible dreams.

I like to sail against the harsh storms of social conditioning and to break the walls of economic depression by applying natural laws which work without favor. All this demands only a shift in perspective, a total mental rewiring and an unstoppable desire to be teachable.

 To be unstoppable, one needs to be a sniper; that is, to know what to do, when to do it, why to do it, how to do it and with whom to do it. This requires quite a totally different approach to life. It is a doorway to the infinite wisdom for lifelong learners.

Anyone can quit academic education, but quitting learning is fatal to humanity. Never stop learning, do your homework appropriately in this school of life. This way, your precision in these seemingly tough socioeconomic conditions will be that of a sniper. You will be unstoppable.  You will command and nature will correspond to the melody of your song.

Let us sum up things that have made me unstoppable and climb the ladder of success despite the economic status of our country: I commit to achieving my goals no matter what by applying the binary principle of be the best or be nothing, 0 or 1. I do so with a burning desire. By all means I try to be different.

I dream way bigger than I can possibly comprehend. Big dreams have a high magnetic pull and they attract more than enough success. I can go against all the odds to get what I want, but intelligently so. Having majored in Mathematics and Physics has taught me one thing – leverage. I can do seemingly tough tasks with little to no effort.

I commit to continuous learning, without attitude per se. I do nothing for fame; seeking fame is a killer of creativity for it makes the mind stupid and a person pompous.  I train my mind to be extraordinary, but I remain ordinary in person – I am the people’s person.

Lastly, I don’t consider myself any extraordinary because I have a perception that what I have achieved so far is just 1 percent of what I am yet to achieve in life. So I keep it low because no amount of physical success can be compared to the unlimited future possibilities. The future belongs to those who dare to dream and the best time to create it is now.


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