Supply and delivery of ICT Hardware and Printers


The Central Bank of Lesotho invites registered suppliers for the supply and delivery of ICT Hardware and Printers as follows:

LOT 1 : LAPTOPS1.Lenovo Thinkpad E580·      Windows 10 pro·       Intel 6 core i7( 8th Generation) processor·      32GB Ram·      Storage 512 GB SSD·      15 inch screen·      Laptop backpack·     3 year warrantee5                                                     
2. Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Yoga·      Processor i7·      OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit·      Storage-256 GB SSD·      Ram:8GB·      Ports: HDMI with HDMI to VGA cable·      Laptop bag·      HDMI to VGA cable·     3 year warrantee17
3. Lenovo Thinkpad E580·      Windows 10 pro·      i7-855U processor·      15GB Ram·      Storage 256 GB SSD·      15 Inch screen·      Laptop backpack·      HDMI to VGA cable·     3 year warrantee59
LOT 2:  PRINTERS1.Monochrome multifunction printers·      25 monochrome prints per minute·      Copy, print, scan·      A5 – A3 Mono Laser multi-function with auto duplex and auto reverse document feeder·      Laser beam scanning and electro-photographic printing·      GWNX controller·      1 GB RAM·      250 GB Hard Disk with hard disk encryption·      Automatic copying of 2 sides of ID on one page·      Scan to email, folder, USB, card, SMB, FTP, URL, NCP·      User codes·      3 year warrantee4
2.Colour Multifunction printer·      20 prints per minute·      A5 – A3 Colour copy, Scan, colour print·      Automatic document reverse feeder at 80 originals per minute·      Single pass document feeder at 110 simplex/180 duplex originals per minute·      Dry Electrostatic Transfer System with Dual component Development copying·      Scan to e-mail, folder·      ID photo print·      User codes·      3 year warantee1
LOT 3: DESKTOPS1.Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 Tiny·     Windows 10 pro·     Intel Core i5 Processor·     8GB Ram·     500GB HDD·     HDMI port·     3 year warrantee19

Tender Conditions

  1. Bidders are required to show (where applicable), i) delivery period ii) validity period of bid iii) after sales service and iv) warranty period
  2. Bidders may bid for all the Lots or any of the Lots in full. Bidding for some items in a Lot will not be accepted.
  3. Bids in separate sealed envelopes for each Lot, bearing no identification of the bidder, clearly marked with the Lot number and Name as follows “Bid for Laptops Lot 1” or “Bid for Printers Lot 2”or Bid for Desktops Lot 3, should be deposited in the tender box located at the reception area of Central Bank of Lesotho at corner Moshoeshoe & Airport Roads no later than 14h30 Friday March 08th 2019.
  4. Bids will be opened the same day at 14h30 in the Central Bank Auditorium. Bidders or their representatives who wish to attend are welcome.
  5. Valid certified (at source) copies of current tax clearance certificate and traders license must be submitted with the bid.
  6. Recent financial statement of the bidder duly signed by an Audit Firm or practicing Chartered Accountant must be provided.
  7. Bidders are to note that the Bank may require a performance guarantee of no more than 10% of the bid amount.
  8. Bidders are requested to quote in Maloti or Rands only.
  9. Central Bank of Lesotho is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid.
  10. Bidders must expressly respond to the specifications as stipulated in the advertisement. References to materials which the bidder is not the author shall not constitute a response or part thereof.
  11. For further clarification bidders are requested to contact the undersigned at telephone #:22232126 and /or [email protected].
  12. Evaluation criteria shall consist of the following mandatory requirements amongst others (Failure of which result in disqualification):
Supplier registration Valid certified (at source) copies of traders license/ certificate of Incorporation ( if not Lesotho Registered)
Tax Compliance Valid certified (at source) copies of current tax clearance certificate
Technical SpecificationSigned bid detailing the required specifications as they are.
Financial CapacityRecent financial statement of the bidder duly signed by an Audit Firm or practicing Chartered Accountant that reflect a minimum working capital equivalent or more than the bid amount.
PriceCompetitive Price
  1. Other important evaluation factors are as follows:
Delivery PeriodNot more than 4 weeks
Validity of  the bidValid for at least 30 days
After sale serviceFor a minimum period of 1 year
Warranty periodShould be transferred “as is” from the manufacturer to the Bank by the supplier.

Special notes

  • Bidders are expected to ensure strict compliance with the above specifications and conditions, failure to do so will result in disqualification of bids.
  • All Bidders are advised that a Vendor Exclusion Policy shall apply where necessary; copies of the policy may be obtained from the Secretary.
  • Bidders are to note that the Central Bank of Lesotho shall apply withholding tax obligation when effecting payment.