Stay Vigilante. Thank you. Seriously!


We as KEMNET Networks Lesotho would like to extend our thanks to all those that made the Stay Vigilante session unforgettable. We fully understand that as young and driven entrepreneurs time means everything to you, therefore, we fully take note and appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to have made it to us.

It is very important for us to understand that Lesotho is under siege currently and facing political and socio-economic issues of massive proportions. Therefore, it is up to us as the youth to become the change like Mahatma Gandhi once said.

It is not enough to just pass the buck and hope that someone else will come to solve our vast and varying problems like manna falling from the sky. We therefore wish to thank you for taking part in our journey, and jumping into the trenches with us to fight this war against poverty, ignorance, destitution, illiteracy and need.

We can do this on our own but with your help, we have a chance. A special shout goes to the following people;

  • Bofihla Lilaphalapha: for your amazing comedic rhetoric and real life examples on how not to give up, tanki MacGyver!
  • Lipuo Nkholi: For showing us the importance of politics and having a will of steel.
  • Motebang Senaona: For helping us realize the need for social media and to leverage likes to build your professional portfolio, sho Wesley.
  • Tokiso Nthebe: For your unwavering support for us, sharing your personal stories, showing us that money should be spent, saved and invested wisely.
  • Phil the Vigilante: You showed us that self-made is not myth but reality.
  • Nvulane Nhlapo: From to TransUp, you have constantly been queeing us up on the most recent and digitally advanced options to make money, the economy is in fact going digital
  • Toby Sekoere: The ring leader, without whom there would no show!

We would also wish to thank and show our gratitude to the Phil team, who kept the show running smoothly without any glitches.

The next show will be bigger and better, remember…I am KEMNET, and so are you.


KEMNET is a communications network that is solely interested in the pursuit of the “African Dream.” It is our hope that by presenting to you (the youth of Africa) a platform where you can voice your opinion on issues that affect us here on this black continent; we will bring about a positive change.