Sekoele (Sankofa); Go back and reclaim it

Guest Post by Gervas Green


Kemet (rebranded to Africa by colonialists) is well-known as the birthplace of civilization and for centuries our Forefathers were esteemed and revered for their vast, thorough knowledge and understanding of the physical, metaphysical, plant/herbal, mineral, astrological and spiritual domains. We had immense wealth not only materialistic but also a wealth that surpassed all in the form of our spiritual system.

This spiritual system was known as MA’AT (balance, righteousness, truth, reciprocity and Divine order). This sacred spirituality kept us in harmony with nature and taught us to re-establish life to earth.

The same Divine energy is now transitioning our current generation through the current “shift of the ages” as we transition in the Golden Age of Knowledge, many are beginning to raise their vibration, rediscovering that we are vessels of Divinity and it is within us all. Though demonized as pagan by the Westerns, many are beginning to embrace the light-hearted path and tapping into their Divinity and amazing supernatural gifts.

As more people begin to spiritually awaken and break free from the matrix of deception and illusion, we are being called, now more than ever, to demystify our falsely demonized spirituality and reclaim our cultural legacy. We are being called to reconnect with Mother Nature and the wisdom of our Ancestors, a wisdom we all innately possess.

Thupelong Holistic Center aims to reclaim and demystify our spiritual and cultural heritage, to bridge the lost gap between our past and present. As we awaken and rediscover our Divinity, it is imperative and vital we learn from our past in order to protect the future we strive to build today for future generations.

Our goal for the upcoming Spiritual Awakening retreat (12-13 Dec.) is to connect individuals on the journey of spirituality, those seeking spiritual enlightenment, those seeking to raise their vibrational frequency and collectively embark on the journey of reconnecting with nature and the Divine dwelling in all of us.

We urge you to join us on this retreat, to guide each other and learn from each-others knowledge, for it is our philosophy that we are all both teachers and students to one another.

Leseli. Khanya. Qamako


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