Robert Taolana set to release another book – Life In All Its Fullness

Originally Published by NUL Research and Innovations


Johannesburg-based author and former National University of Lesotho (NUL) student of Pharmacy, Robert Taolana, is about to release the next book, LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS. The fine piece of work, which will be published in Johannesburg, South Africa, follows on the footsteps of his famous book, A TALENT PAY CHEQUE, which was published in London, in the United Kingdom.

His international adventures has seen him qouted among the best in Carpe Diem Qoutes.

His quote, together with 16 others including, “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right,” a quote by Napoleon Hill – an American self-help author best known for his book: Think and Grow Rich, which is among10 bestselling self-help books of all time; were selected by Hyper Leo to constitute “17 Carpe Diem Quotes For You To Seize The Opportunity.”

Among the chosen 17 stands out a quote by NUL’s Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate, Robert Kopano Taolana, quoted when saying, “Don’t while away time but create pleasant memories and feel the moment.” In 2017, while still a student at the National University of Lesotho, Robert Taolana wrote his first motivational book entitled, A Talent Pay Cheque, which was published overseas in London, United Kingdom.

On interview with NUL Research and Innovations, Taolana said, “I struggled big time, especially with the funding to finally have A Talent Pay Cheque published, but the moment I secured that publishing deal overseas I knew that I would write and publish many more books after that.”

Robert reports having completed his next book with the title, LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS, which is expected to be released and immediately availed to the book markets and readers by July 2019. “The manuscript is currently going through proofreading and editing processes by the contracted publishing company.

According to Robert, Ringanathi Publishing House in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been chosen to prepare and produce LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS as a registered book. Having learned from his experiences with publishing overseas, he now believes that a local publisher is more suitable for beginner level authors.

He stated as follows, “when publishing overseas, there is too much bureaucracy and formality that is followed from submission of manuscript up to the publication of the book. The stiffness of this processes somehow end up affecting the quality of the book and the author’s preferences of its presentation.

However, with a local publisher, it becomes convenient to even visit them and discuss in person exactly how you want your book designed and presented.”

Robert Kopano Taolana has chosen a company in South Africa because it is where he now resides owing to employment commitments. His pharmacy degree from the National University of Lesotho earned him a consultancy job in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance.

Robert States that he secured his current working position while still a student at NUL, in his 3rd academic year in 2014. His approach leading to the security of a job position ahead of graduation is reported to have been narrated in chapter 5 of his coming book under the title: Action Attracts Opportunities!

LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS is a masterpiece! It is self-help book suitable for both children and adults, and intended to help equip them with practical strategies for creating multiple incomes. Using his own and referred experiences, the author has derived a philosophy now known as Taolana’s Paradox of Wealth Creation.

The paradox is that in order to receive you must first give away something – in money, effort and/or time. This coming book is said to use a concept of “dove-tail” income to discourage the tradition of making money from only one source.

The author says that he has described in this book the principles which show that you can make money from your talents/abilities/skills, earn royalties from art/intellectual work, generate income from commercial assets and collect interest/dividends from investments.

With his new book, Robert Taolana hopes to help you achieve your fullness of purpose and certainty, happiness and security, health and convenience. Meet Robert Kopano Taolana at the official launch of LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS in Maseru in October 2019. You can call/WhatsApp him on: +27 74 765 5932, email to: [email protected] and do follow his Facebook page: Robert Taolana International.