Public Notice – Requirements for Motor Dealer businesses


The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) wishes to remind the trading community and the public in general that any individual who is in Motor Dealership business. The motor dealer is required by law, (Trading Enterprises Regulations 1999) to have a proper shelter or showroom. The Ministry has noted non-compliance by some motor dealer licence holders with this requirement.

The business community is therefore informed to comply with the said prerequisite. The Ministry has further granted a one month grace period (1st-31st July 2018), for Motor dealers following their request for an extension.

The Ministry will embark on an inspection campaign to ensure compliance thereafter.  Failure to comply will result in those operations being forced to cease forthwith.

Issuance of Import Permits for used vehicles

The issuance of import permits, to motor dealer licence holders for used vehicles will also be strictly preceded by inspection of the business premises in accordance with law (1999 Regulations). Import permits will not be issued unless this requirement is met.

Further details:  Call 22326647 or 22325272