Project Accountant at CRS



Job Title: Project Accountant
Department: Finance
Location:      Maseru, with travel to project sites
Reports to: Grants Senior Accountant
Supervisory Responsibilities: None



The primary function of this position is to protect Donor resources by ensuring that CRS partners have excellent financial and accounting systems in place to manage a variety of funds from different donors.  Particular focus will be given to making sure that partners are in compliance with local laws, partner and CRS policies as well as any applicable external donor requirements. Ensure that all receivable funds are accounted for in terms of policies and procedures



3.1         Partner Financial Management

  1. Ensures that the partner finance staff understands the financial obligation of CRS and the implementing partner as per the project Agreement.
  2. Train the implementing partner of their reporting obligations and ensure full understanding and compliance to these requirements
  3. Ensure that the implementing partner is compliant with legal deductions such as PAYE, VAT and other statutory deductions, separation taxation etc.
  4. Review cash requests and ensure alignment to the approved budgets as detailed in the project agreement also in line with partner risk assessment
  5. Ensure that  project agreement documents are complete and accurate including ensuring supporting documents are made available
  6. Ensure that expenses are charged to the correct budget item and cost structure.
  7. Facilitate internal and external Audits of implementing partners and discus auditing issues with GRANTS SENIOR ACCOUNTANT and HEAD OF OPERATIONS.
  8. Support program staff on budgeting and managing actual expenditures against budgets and the explanation of variances
  9. Review of partner financial reports, including bank reconciliations, expenses, and prepare general journals and template to book liquidations.
  10. Communicate issues emanating out of the financial report also noting any questioned costs on the financial report; sent out reminder/s of delinquent balances to the Partner Finance Manager for action and/or corrections.
  11. Work closely with partners to ensure the timely, accurate liquidation of project advances in accordance with CRS policy and approved budgets
  12. Ensure project monitoring and financial reporting, payroll systems (including severance), property management and vehicle management (if applicable).


3.2        Donor Reporting Requirements:

  1. Ensure that partners understand and comply with the agreed reporting requirements in the format prescribed
  2. Certify partner’s financial report reviewed by Program manager and prepare vouchers for liquidation.



  1. Ensure that implementing partners account for all funds’
  2. Reject receipts and general journals with insufficient supporting documents or those that are not procedural.



  1. Internal: Finance staffs, Program Managers and all CRS staff
  2. External: Partners



9. Academic and Professional Qualifications

1.      Bachelor of accounting or equivalent

10. Relevant Experience

Minimum experience of 3 – 5 years as an accountant


11. Competencies and Skills

  1. Excellent communication.
  2. Good knowledge of CRS accounting System
  3. Knowledge of local accounting and finance laws and regulations
  4. Detail oriented and with special attention to accuracy and timely reporting
  5. Serves with Integrity;
  6. Models Stewardship;
  7. Develops Constructive Relationships;
  8. Promotes Learning;
  9. High level of computer knowledge



Interested candidates should submit applications, clearly stating the position/s being applied for, no later than Friday 26th October 2018 to [email protected]

Late applications CANNOT be considered.