Plush Café: An Experience.


I believe in creating spaces for people to meditate, explore and find themselves. A home is not a home unless there’s a family in it. I believe that it is up to us, the creators of spaces, the wild ones, to create not only spaces in which people can sit and enjoy themselves, but homes for their spirit.

I have come to realize over the years that time is the most valuable asset that one can have at their disposal. I have therefore chosen to use mine wisely, because of this, I rarely go out to eat unless the experience is one that is worthwhile to me.

This means that food is not a simple dish that includes morsels of meat and vegetables on a plate, but rather, a taste filled with wonderful experiences to come.

It is not enough that I should bite down on a meal and have my taste buds tingle, the space in which I am to indulge my palate should appeal to my senses. It should speak to my imagination and fill my head with visions of wonder and excitement.

Plush Café is such a place. The structure itself is built from three main materials, wood, corrugated iron and glass. Wood floors and vintage furniture complete the look. The staff is friendly and the food is amazing to say the least. In-fact, the food is so good it deserves its own feature on a blog…, HEHEHE (laughter in Cardi B).

Take a moment to picture this scenario, two lovebirds on a lazy Saturday afternoon stuck in the house, wanting to eat but too lazy to cook. Imagine them trying to decide on where to go. Maybe the famous fast food joints scattered all around town, the food maybe oily, fatty and unhealthy, but it does the trick, gets you fed all in the nick of time. The reason they call it fast food!

Now take a second to imagine that our beloved couple has been having fast food for a while and are in need of something different. While deep fried chicken wings and crispy drum-sticks might be considered as “soul food” in some places, they do little in terms of feeding the soul.

So they head on up to Plush Café, on the menu, “Hard Body” chicken and Potjiekos. The side of choice being steamed bread. Now do not get me wrong, as a young man raised by a single mother, I have always believed that my mom could possibly be the best cook in the world. But on Saturday I felt a slight discomfort in the pit of my stomach, “what if she isn’t?”


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