Nurse Counselor x9 at PSI Lesotho



In October 2011 PSI Lesotho launched the Testing and Referral Gateway for Enhanced Sustainability (TARGET) Project funded by Centre for Disease Control (CDC).  This project contributes directly to Lesotho’s National Multi-Sectoral HIV Prevention Strategy, by reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS in Lesotho by deploying evidenced-based sexual and biomedical prevention programs.  TARGET used innovative strategies to provide confidential, community and facility-based HIV testing and counseling (HTC) services. TARGET came to an end on 31 March 2017. Under the same scope of work, with emphasis on case identification, linkages to care and treatment and index testing model, PSI under new project “CID-LINK” will continue
with the same mission.

Under the new project “CID-LINK”, the incumbent will offer quality HIV Testing Services (HTS) to the Lesotho public according to established counseling protocols, policies and guidelines. This job is based in Maseru with possibility of transfer to 5 PEPFAR supported districts and reports directly to Nurse Coordinator.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

   Conduct pre and post-test HTC counseling sessions as per counseling protocols

   Provide supportive counseling to HTC clients

   Assist clients in the selection of appropriate community support through referrals

   Data entry of confidential client information

   Conduct  client  satisfaction  surveys,  as  requested by  Senior  Counselors  and  CITC Coordination

   Participate in the QC and QA program related to HIV testing

   Prepare weekly, Monthly and quarterly reports as and when required

Collaboration and partnership

    Liaise with relevant network partners to build harmonies relations and joint decisions making related to mobile counseling.

    Organize meetings with relevant stakeholders operating in the delivery of HTC services including chiefs and councilors.

    Mobilize  communities  in  collaboration  with  other  network  partners  to  support outreaches

    Ensure the success of set outreaches telephonically at least 24 hours prior to the activity day

    Attend regular meetings, public gatherings and events organized by other stake holders for information sharing on HIV/AIDS related issues.

Quality Assurance

   Participate in the QC procedure on a monthly basis

   Be familiar with QA compliance objectives and ensuring that SOP standards are met in daily HTC service delivery

   Define national quality procedures in conjunction with national SOP    Set up a QA system for ensuring accurate and timely results


Required Qualifications:

   Diploma in Nursing – Degree in nursing will be an added advantage

    2+ years HTC experience and 2 years experience working with People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)


   Ability to perform according to PSI/Lesotho Prime competencies    Computer Literacy

   Strong interpersonal skills, to include fluency in English and Sesotho
   Personal commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS
   Knowledge of reproductive health issues, particularly HIV/AIDS
   Knowledge of the Lesotho health and social services sector

   Ability and willingness to work outside normal working hours, as required by scheduling

   Demonstrated ability to work sensitively and compassionately with a diverse range of clients, including highly marginalized and stigmatized populations.

   Be ready to travel and camp over 80% of the time


Interested candidates should send by email cover letter, resume/curricula vitae (CV), list of 3-5 professional references (with contact information, supervisory references preferred), and scanned copy of all academic degrees to [email protected]  Only email submissions will be accepted.  While all application submissions will be reviewed and considered, only the most qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.

The application submission deadline is 12:30 p.m. local time on Friday, 22nd February 2019.