NMDS: Indian ICCR Scholarships Programme 2019



Applications for ICCR scholarships are invited from interested Lesotho citizens who wish to pursue Bachelor’s Degrees, Masters, and PhDs in India for the Academic Year beginning in 2019 in the following Priority areas:

• Health Sciences excluding Medicine
• Engineering and Technology
• Creative Industries and Tourism Studies
• Agriculture including Veterinary Medicine/Science 
• Manufacturing studies
• Business, Investment and Financial Management
• Economics & Trade

• Applicant must be a citizen of Lesotho.
• Should be proficient in English. 
• Candidates with LGCSE qualification must have a minimum APS of 26 and those with COSC qualifications must have a second class pass.
• Candidates applying for Health Sciences, Engineering and Agriculture programmes should have a minimum B symbol in Maths and Sciences.
• Bachelor’s degree or B.tech for Master’s programmes with a minimum of 2nd class pass.
• Masters degree for PHD candidates.
• Applicants must familiarise themselves with medical fitness requirements provided by the given link to conclude whether to apply or not.
• Applicants should apply for courses which are offered by the universities that appear on the list of Universities provided on the application link.

Applicants must submit the following documents during application:

• Application letter addressed to the Director NMDS
• Academic certificates and transcripts
• A valid Identity Document (ID) and passport.
• Applicants must bring loan bursary statement.
• CV
• Employed applicants must submit nomination letter which will later be followed by study leave prior to departure if a candidate appears among selected candidates.
• For more information visit: a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in

NOTE: Application should be hand delivered to NMDS hall from Monday the 21st January to 20th, February 2019.All applicants must register at the following NMDS link/Online-Portal: www.scholarships.manp.gov.ls