Library Assistant at Ministry of Education and Training


Applications  are  invited  from  suitably  qualified  local  candidates  for  the following  positions  tenable  in  the  Ministry  of  Education  and  Training:



GRADE                     :  B  (M31  848.00  –  37,  872.00  P/A)


Job  Summary

Under  the  general  supervision  of  the  Director,  the  incumbent  requisitions and  maintains  a  record  of  all  books  and  magazines  in  the  TTI  library.


Main  Duties

  1. Responsible for  Organising  the  Library  by:
  • Cataloguing and  organising  books  and  magazines  in  the  library.
  • Controlling issuance  of  books  out  of  the  library.
  • Checking in-coming  books  that  were  loaned  out.
  • Ensuring that  all  new  books  and  magazines  are  given  a  TTI  stamp
  • Issuing reminder  notices  on  overdue  books.
  • Ordering library  books  as  required.
  1. Remains alert  on  relevant  book  titles  that  may  be  of  interest  in  the
    vocational  areas.
  2. Supervising students  on  the  various  books  classification  and  the  indexing
    by  either  author  or  title.
  3. Notifying management  on  books/titles  that  must  be  replaced  on  the
    following  grounds.  :
  • Obsolete
  • Torn
  • Lost


Job  Specification

Knowledge,  Skills  and  Abilities

  • The Library  Assistant  must  have  clerk  knowledge  of  the  basic  methods
    of  cataloguing  and  classifying  books/  magR7ines
  • Skilfully display  books  for  ease  of  reference
  • Ability to  assist  students  in  the  proper  use  of  the  library.


Qualifications  and  Experience

Minimum  of  C.O.S.C  plus  basic  librarianship  or  equivalent  with  two  (2)  years working   experience   in   a   similar   environment   and   apprenticeship   to   a librarian  for  a  minimum  of  three  (3)  month


Applications on the relevant forms G.P. 104 for serving officers and G.P. 103 for job seekers, duly accompanied by certified copies of educational certificates, performance appraisal forms transcripts, diplomas etc. must be addressed to:

The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Education and Training
P. O. Box 47
Maseru – 100

Not later than 23rd August, 2018