Leo Eats: The Plush Effect


Leo Eats is Leoma Monaheng’s personal food-gasm blog. Leo loves to eat, so if you have a place as cool as plush, halla at Leo, tell Leo about your foodshop, give Leo food and let Leo blog about it. P.S the food has to be as good as Plush Cafe’s Potjiekos, it’s going to be one hell of an awkward blog if it isn’t.

The Plush Effect

A few places have that “thing!!!” You  know exactly what I mean right? That “thing,” the vrrphaaa, that “HESSESSNES!” Every dark skinned, melanin toned, black person on the face of the earth knows exactly what that thing is. It is a taste so profound that it is indescribable by words. It’s an  experience that transcends the physical and hits you at the core of your being, that thing is “soul food!”

Originally given a bad rap because of its marred origins, for you see, what we know today as Soul Food, is actually a generalized term from the cooking method used to preserve African traditions by slaves from the deep American South (Mississippi, Georgia and  Alabama). The food would have a deeper connection to them because it would remind them of home.

And home is exactly where the heart is, or rather, Plush is where home is…, you catch my drift? Take a minute, think of back home, think of Nkhono’s house. Nkhono happens to be in a particularly good mood, maybe because of the good harvest, or maybe it could just be that she is so excited to see after so long, oh how she misses all her grandchildren. Also, it gets lonely out there on the countryside side.

To commemorate your homecoming, your oldlady’s oldlady puts a chicken on the stove, but not just any chicken, that tough countryside chicken, the one that takes hours to cook because it’s so tough and stubborn, the tastiest chicken you have ever had.

Fast forward to today, you haven’t seen gogo in years, work has kept you so preoccupied that you have barely had time for anyone or anything else. But you miss those days, when nkhono would make you steamed bread ka lekakarane just because you came home for the holidays. You miss seeing that old three legged pot on the open fire with Likhobe on the menu for the day.

Plush cafe is not a restaurant, to me it’s a taste of home, the menu is everything you grew up on, with a modern-day twist. You might think am kidding, go check out the place for yourself. https://web.facebook.com/Plush_cafê-101777794556247


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