KEMTALKS on Mental Health Coping Mechanisms


The truth is, we are all in trouble. As socially conditioned creatures we always find ourselves inclined to adhere to certain normative aspects of society, this in itself presents its own set of problems.

“Fitting in,” oh, those dreaded two words is what most people do in order to be accepted into certain spheres of civilization, while you might think that, “Wow, that sucks,” well…, some might say, it is just the way it is.

The issue here is not so much about having to stay in your lane, in as much as having to define your “lane.” Depression is a term that we use very loosely these days. The impression is that one is depressed if they have gone a very long time in only one state of emotion, in most cases this state is sadness. But what is depression truly, and what really causes it.

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The famous Futurist, Buckminster Fuller, was on the edge of his most depressive episode, about to commit suicide, when he had an epiphany. His calling on Earth was to become a force for positive change, and he would do whatever it took to become all he could be.

Could it be that he had lived most of his life, fulfilling the dreams and ambitions that others had for him, for his own life, instead of walking towards his own calling. That might be, but you see, life is not always as simple and easily laid out.

For the road to true self-discovery maybe hard and laborious. But could the consequences for not fulfilling your life’s mission actually be worse.

Buckminster would walk away from that day to become one of the most prolific architects of all time, all this in his effort of making the world better.

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Last weekend KEMNET, through KEMTALKS, faced the extremely tough task of talking on depression, more especially on how to cope. Because you see, peer pressure is not a phase, it is lifelong monkey on your back. To some this becomes too much of a heavy load, the rat race catches up to us, the constant one upmanship gets tedious.

So, is there a way to cope, especially given all the feeds on fleek on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. We unpacked these issues and more as the talk progressed into our guests speaking on everything from the emotional to the spiritual and psycho-social.


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