KEMTALKS 3.0 The Emergency of Existence


Why? There has never been, nor shall there ever be a more important yet inexplicable question as this throughout the history of mankind. In the case of lack of reason or scarcity of logic, man will always look to faith for an answer.

It’s called purpose, for man cannot live by bread alone, but needs, requires soul food to sustain his spirit.

In search of it, many a times one finds that a perilous journey lies ahead, riddled with thorns as big as the word BIG can be defined. The amateur adventurer cannot imagine the daunting path that lies ahead, neither can they predict the wrongly labelled shortcuts that lead them not towards their destination but twenty paces back from where they started.

Yes, it is life, and the essence of it is packed into every second of the day, every tic that tocs. Time is indeed of the essence in this regard, for every grain of sand through the hour glass takes a nick out of life, and you won’t know it till it’s too late.

In the beginning there was light, or a big bang! Depending on which religion you subscribe to. But eventually there WAS, that WAS led us here therefore that WAS IS now. But why WAS it?

I would like to think the word PURPOSE is to blame. For some reasons are far beyond man’s understanding. Or maybe that’s how it should be.

For the adventurers’ way is much too tumultuous for him to waste a single moment on existentialism. He will pass through rivers of doubt, climb mountains of frustration and get trapped in pits of negativity, all in the hopes of one day, just maybe, one day. He will find HIS WAY.


KEMNET is a communications network that is solely interested in the pursuit of the “African Dream.” It is our hope that by presenting to you (the youth of Africa) a platform where you can voice your opinion on issues that affect us here on this black continent; we will bring about a positive change.