The stuff of legend is what true leaders are made of. To believe that a young man would burn all of his certificates and strike it out on his own as if all the years he spent in these educational institutions were for naught.

For a “straight and narrow” guy such as myself this seems far-fetched, but this is exactly what Phil “The Vigilante” did. And by so doing he inspired quite the number of well-known and upcoming entrepreneurs such as myself.

So, what is a Vigilante?

A rebel with a cause. That is exactly how I would describe myself, as an ambitious driver for change, a knocker of doors, never taking no for an answer. That is what the 20th of December will be about. A celebration of rebels.

Young entrepreneurs that decided to take the “highway,” men and women that not only turned their lemons into lemonade but opened up a chain of Lemonade fizz stores along the way.

There is a well-documented history of unemployment in Lesotho but not much has been done in terms of educating the public in-terms of providing actual skills needed to thrive in the “adult” world.

What entrepreneurs and employees most times need are the necessary skills to place them above the rest. Being educated is a good start, but I would rather hire an educated, determined and well-spoken individual than just your average Joe with a degree. These are skills that you do not find in the ordinary classroom.

The soft skills build character and actually give an individual the capabilities needed in order to identify and use the resources available to them.

An education is just the beginning in the life of a young adult, “so you have a degree, welcome to the team,” there are thousands of Basotho with the same qualification as yours, whose degrees are sitting at home, on the wall in the living room, gathering dust from being unused for years. Why should you matter?

The STAY VIGILANTE experience is here folks and we will, throughout the discussions give you a lens to look into the lives of Lesotho’s well-known future millionaires and ground-shakers, what makes them tick, how were they were able to survive and thrive in Lesotho’s harsh economic climate, what gave them #matla…

These are individuals that broke new ground in the country, comedians, IT specialists, economists, social entrepreneurs and photographers that found their respective passions and went all in, resulting in the founding of several well-known start-up companies such as KEMNET Networks Lesotho, Lilaphalapha Logistix,, The Osmium group, TKO consultancies, ATOBYEVENT, Phil Imagery and many more.

When change comes in our country, it will not be induced by the politicians, the old and retired, not by any means. We, as the youth of this country, will be at the forefront of making a change in Lesotho.


KEMNET is a communications network that is solely interested in the pursuit of the “African Dream.” It is our hope that by presenting to you (the youth of Africa) a platform where you can voice your opinion on issues that affect us here on this black continent; we will bring about a positive change.