Kemnet Interviews Chere Mongangane: A look into Fashion, Art and Culture


Here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but Nnete. For years the fashion industry in Lesotho has been bubbling under. Because of our unique style of dress and distinct fashion sense we have seen many a fashionista try to copy and paste our style as Basotho, sometimes in the fashion shows of Milan and even once gracing our screens in the form of Hollywood movies; Wakanda forever angisho!?

Nevertheless, for as long as I can remember one local brand has always stood out for me, it embodied the spirit of urban culture, with this one brand, this team of creatives made fashion much more than just a statement, it became an identity.

BONONO burst onto the scene and frankly nothing was ever the same again, to me, growing up in Maseru, the brand represented what I wanted to be, a rebel with a cause just like James Dean.

The brand was more than just the mpahlaz, it was art, but much more than this, it was sophisticated art. Every item of clothing or rather work of art that came out of the fashion stable was to me reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s masterpieces, every piece I saw was daring yet elegant and simple.

I was baffled, until then I had worn clothes to look good, but never had I put something on to represent an ideal, an idea, a concept. Wa’kanda stylin was this, hehehe, see what I did there?

Bonono not only cleared a path for other clothing labels to leave their mark, they blazed the trail for all other creatives in the L as well, donning a Bonono ‘T’ automatically meant that you wanted to be a part of something, a wave,  a movement.

To me, the line represented the New Age Mosotho, someone that wants to see change and will do anything in his/her power to make sure that it is brought about. No wonder that for the longest time I knew one of its founding members as only Cher à la Che Guevera the Argentinian doctor who would become a one man revolution.

He also would become a fashion icon, but I digress,  join us this Sunday on as we interview Chere Mongangane, a founding member of Bonono_Merchants on how everything started.


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