I’ve been misinterpreted for hating school


I don’t hate school, i would just love it to be honest.

If school really is a key to success then why isn’t everyone who went through it succeeding in life? The greatest in time are people who never went to school and drop outs. I don’t wanna name them but you sure have one in mind now.

I’m also not trying to justify why I’m a drop out. I took a step back and studied school, its a system designed by a man who never really had gone through it. It teaches a class not an individual. It doesn’t care whether you really understand or not.

All it can do is to give a mark of failure and you’ll be left with depression, hence why most students attempt suicide misuse drugs and no one is saying anything about that.

Again, if it is really a key to success, why doesn’t it know that career guidance is more important than feeding us all this information[ courses x modules], that after graduating we forget?

I mean, if only we had career guidance every month we would succeed even before standard seven and only learn what will help us in future. Sadly, school only does that for maximum 5 days of your 18 years to get an associate degree.

School has its advantages. I know them and mostly it works for them not for us as students. In fact let me say clients, because its all about us paying so someone gets paid monthly and the owner of school makes billions while we get a letter in return to justify our skills which USED to be OK if one wants to be employed.

School does not have any class on how to make money. It does not have anything on self investment or providing value for yourself. It does not teach about how to handle real life problems like depression and more.

This are the things that if you can’t handle, you’re good as dead. But still we go there to be successful. This hurts my feelings to see how everyone believes in it, my family included.


School is designed to create industrial workers not innovative people. Hence we have a classroom, rows, someone standing in front giving comments which is a MUST to be obeyed, asking for permission when nature calls. And all this years a brain takes that and reprograms a person to only stay in that pattern of thinking, hence why they say ‘practice makes perfect’.

And now big companies employ on the value of the person not their qualifications [ask google and tesla]. Artificial intelligence is taking over. Everything is becoming automated but the rate of graduates is increasing and job opportunities are becoming less. School should know this.


We are given brains and common sense to think and see beyond lies, not to just be told and believe.

We don’t even need to ask from the ministry of statics or google to prove that this statement is correct. Just look at everyone around you and maybe yourself. It’s obvious that school is a course of a lot of stress and depression. Even to the one’s who have never went because they still believe that they are not qualified to put their work there, only few saw beyond this and made it in life.

The point is, yes I hate school for being very evil than it having advantages that can help everyone to grow.

With warm regards
Ntate Mofoka


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