Invitation to Tender for Air Conditioning maintenance and service


The Central Bank of Lesotho invites bids from registered Air Conditioning System specialists for maintenance and service of the stand-alone air conditioning units at the Central Bank of Lesotho.

Tender Conditons
1. For full details of the tender requirements, interested person (s) should contact the undersigned at Tel: +266 2223 2126 or email: [email protected], and ask for a copy of detailed Scope of Work. The sof copy may also be downloaded from the website at or through an email upon request.

2. Maintenance or service for the units should be done quarterly

3. The contract will be for one year and may be renewed upon satsfactory performance.

4. Bidders must clearly show validity of their bids.

5. Bids in sealed envelopes bearing no identfcaton of the bidder, clearly marked “Bid for maintenance of stand-alone air conditoning units” should be deposited in the tender box, located at the recepton area of Central Bank of Lesotho at Corner Moshoeshoe & Airport Roads, no later than 14h30 Friday, 05th April 2019.

6. Bids will be opened the same day at 14h30 in the Central Bank Auditorium. Bidders or their representatves who wish to atend are welcome.

7. Valid certfed (at source) copies of current tax clearance certfcate and trader’s license must be submited with the bid.

8. Recent fnancial statement of the bidder duly signed by an Audit Firm or practcing Chartered Accountant must be provided.

9. Bidders are to note that the Bank may require a performance guarantee of no more than 10% of the bid amount.

10. Bidders are requested to quote in Malot or Rands only.

11. Central Bank of Lesotho is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid.

12. For further clarifcaton bidders are requested to contact the undersigned at telephone # 22232126 and /or [email protected]

13. Evaluaton criteria shall consist of the following mandatory requirements amongst others (Failure of which result in disqualifcaton):

Supplier registratonValid certfed (at source) copies of traders license and LEC registraton
Valid certfed (at source) copies of current tax clearance certfcateTax Compliance
Recent fnancial statement of the bidder duly signed by an Audit Firm or
practcing Chartered Accountant that reflect a minimum working capital
equivalent or more than the bid amount.
Financial Capacity
Two (2) reference leters from clients provided with the similar services in
the last fve years
Compettve PricePrice
Valid for at least 30 daysValidity of the bid

Special notes
• Bidders are expected to ensure strict compliance with the above specifcatons and conditons, failure to do so will result in disqualifcaton of bids.
• All Bidders are advised that a Vendor Exclusion Policy shall apply where necessary; copies of the policy may be obtained from the Secretary.
• Bidders are to note that the Central Bank of Lesotho shall apply withholding tax obligaton when effectng payment.