Invitation to Selibeng & TABC Writing Challenge Awards Giving Session

By Nvulane Nhlapo (@NvulaneNhlapo)

We have the honor of inviting you to a prize giving session for our Annual Writing Challenge in Maseru. In the past weeks, the judge has been able to go through all the submissions and has come to conclusion. Out of more than 30 submissions, the 5 best have been selected. The 5 best winners will receive their prizes on Saturday the 11th August 2018. We will also give away some extra prizes. We thank the judge for his work and thank all our partners for making the prize giving session possible. The session will take place on the 11th August at Kick 4 Life, Maseru. The general public is also welcome to attend. The session starts at 12pm and will end at 2pm. The winners will be expected to read their submissions at the session. A letter from the judge will also be read to us. After the session, we have an opportunity to talk to each other. See you this Saturday.