High Tea in Hlotse


Like I said before, invite Leo to eat, and Leo might have you on the blog.

I had waffles and chicken for the first time ever this weekend, I will spill the beans a little later on that though, the name of the blog is Leo Eats, but I should also make you aware that Leo travels as well.

In these travels, I get to interact with many interesting humans, absorb some sunlight and experience mother nature in all her glory.

I like to think of myself as a gatherer of experiences, I move about random places, and seek about unknown crevices in the hopes of finding unique places. I find beauty not in the mundane but in those certain landscapes that embrace nature and do not want to take her out of the equation but rather play around with her presence and integrate this within the actual infrastructure.

I digress, back to Hlotse, the place was amazing, a structure wrapped in wood, metal and glass. Everything seemed so effortless, and yet you could tell that a lot of thought was put into the architecture of the place.

This was my experience this past Sunday at Plush Cafe in Hlotse, and before you judge, and yell at your monitor, “He is always at Plush,” ask thyself this,  “Hath thee ever invited Leo over to wet thy palate with scrumptious supper or lunch?”

Or better yet, for lack of better English, na u kila mmema na…? If not, then do not say a single word till you do.

A creative’s dream.  That’s what it was, a creative’s dream. The setting was Plush, as the name suggests. The guests looked as if they were characters straight out of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

I was almost certain that pixies and fairies would come flying out of the woodwork. Flowers, floral patterns, bright smiles and huge brimmed colorful hats. The shoes were magical, stilettos or rather slippers that looked as if they might have belonged to Cinderella on the night of the ball…!

It was a high tea garden party darling and I had finger foods. The very first time I was offered waffles and chicken in fact, did not ever imagine that those two combinations could ever work.


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