Head: Client Services Division at LRA


The Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2001 and became operational in 2003 under the Ministry of Finance. The Lesotho Revenue Authority has a 5 year Corporate Strategy in place for 2018 – 2023 themed “Rea Aha – We are building”. The Guiding Policy for the Strategy is “Building a Service Culture through Collaborative Leadership”. Through this strategy, the Authority will be building strategic assets in five (5) sources of capital: Spiritual; Social; Human; Innovation and Financial.

Visit our Website: www.lra.org.ls for more information.

Signium Africa has been retained to advise on the following key appointments. The positions are based in Maseru, Lesotho. It is the Authority’s aim to recruit Lesotho Nationals for these roles.

Head:  Client  Services  Division

Purpose  of  Position:

Reporting  to  the  Commissioner  General,  the  incumbent  will  be  responsible  for  providing  strategic direction  to  the  Client  Services  Division  which  manages  the  Heads  of  the  following  functions:
Inland  Services  Centres,  Priority  Client  Services,  Frontier  Client  Services,  General  Client  Services and  Cashiering  Services  through  provision  of  effective  and  efficient  services  to  clients  in  order  to
promote  a  service  culture,  maximising  revenue  collection,  encouraging  voluntary  compliance  and reducing  complaints.

Key  performance  areas:

•  Strategic  Management:  •  Exercise  delegated  legal  powers  in  implementation  of  Revenue Laws  and  advise  Commissioner  General  •  Participate  in  and  contribute  to  the  development  and execution  of  the  LRA  strategy  and  identify,  measure  and  mitigate  strategic  risks  that  may  impact on  Divisional  plans  •  Lead  the  process  of  developing  and  implementing  annual  Divisional  Plans to  ensure  alignment  and  coordination  with  the  strategic  direction  taken  by  the  entire  organisation

•  Maintain  collaborative  leadership  within  the  Division  towards  achievement  of  staff  engagement, motivation  and  organisational  priority  initiatives  •  Develop  a  full  understanding  of,  and  therefore lead  the  Division  in,  the  4DX  (Four  Disciplines  of  Execution)  framework  in  order  to  ensure  effective execution  of  strategic  priorities.

•  Client  Services:  •  Develop  policies  and  strategies  that  promote  service  culture,  voluntary compliance  and  increased  client  satisfaction  •  Devise  and  implement  systems  and  processes  for managing  relationships  with  clients  and  resolving  complaints  in  order  to  improve  the  customer experience  •  Design  and  implement  interventions  which  ensure  a  responsive  and  efficient  service to  clients  by  taking  initiative  to  understand  clients’  needs  •  Oversee  the  processes  and  systems  for collection  of  taxes,  customs  and  excise  duties  to  enhance  revenue  collection.

•  Leadership  &  Management:  •  Oversee  operations  of  the  Client  Service  Division  and  the development,  implementation,  performance  monitoring  and  evaluation  of  Divisional  strategies, plans  and  procedures  for  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  all  Service  Centres  •  Define  objectives for  the  achievement  of  Divisional  goals  and  ensure  commitment  and  accountability  for  agreed results  •  Mentor  and  coach  direct  reports  through  setting  performance  targets,  giving  feedback  and
confronting  limitations  in  performance  and  take  measures  to  develop   talent  •  Identify,  plan  for  and drive  change  in  alignment  with  change  management  framework  of  the  organisation  •  Communicate Divisional  strategies  and  collaborate  with  external  stakeholders  for  exchange  of  information  and soliciting  support  for  implementation  of  initiatives  •  Uphold  the  core  values  of  the  LRA  within  the Division  in  order  to  create  a  value  driven  culture  •  Oversee  the  presentation  of  accountability  reports and  proposals  for  better  management  of  LRA  finances  to  the  Finance  and  Audit  Committee  of  the

•  Policies,  Systems  and  Controls:  •  Participate  in  and  contribute  towards  preparation  of  tax policy  proposals  that  support  the  fiscal  strategies  of  the  Government  of  Lesotho  •  Develop  efficient
systems  and  procedures  to  monitor  Divisional  performance  indicators  in  all  areas  and  take  timely corrective  measures  in  order  to  ensure  effectiveness  of  the  Division  •  Identify  areas  which  require
policy  development  and  lead  the  process  of  development  of  operational  policies,  procedures  and frameworks.

•  Reporting:  •  Produce  Divisional  reports  on  implementation  of  Divisional  initiatives  for  accountability  and  performance  monitoring •  Develop  reporting  standards  to  ensure  uniformity  and consistency  in  reporting.

Key  requirements:  •  Master’s  degree  in  Customer  Relations  /  Marketing  /  Sales  or  MBA  with Marketing  or  Sales  or  equivalent  with 7  years’  work  experience,  5  of  which  must  be  a  senior management  level  in  Marketing  or  Customer  Relationship  and  /  or  a  degree  in  Customer  Relations /  Marketing  /  Sales  or  B.Com  Marketing  or  Sales  or  equivalent  with  10  years’  work  experience,  7  of which  must  be  at  senior  management  level  in  Marketing  or  Customer  Relationship.

Please  quote  Ref.  No.:  LRA  005  in  all  correspondence.

If you are a suitable candidate who can make a difference to this dynamic organisation, please e-mail a detailed CV to Sewela Sekhitla at [email protected] quoting the relevant reference number, on or before close of business on Friday, 26 April 2019. Late applications cannot be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Enquiries may be directed to Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer on +27 11 771 4800.