Group Banque Centrale Populaire Fintech Challenge 2018 for African Startups


What is the Fintech Challenge?

Group Banque Centrale Populaire is launching the first edition of its Fintech Challenge!

We look forward to collaborate with the most promising startups, in Africa and elsewhere, to co-build and implement innovative solutions to our key business challenges, in Morocco or in our sub-Saharan subsidiaries.

The Fintech Challenge offers to the selected startups the opportunity to boost their growth in the region, by working alongside one of the biggest financial groups in Africa.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Co-build, with innovative startups, solutions adapted to the challenges we face,
  • Create an ecosystem of high potential, agile and disruptive partners,
  • Accelerate our transformation by staying connected to our ecosystem and creating a constructive dynamic for our customers.

Fintech Challenge is a initiative launched by Groupe Banque Centrale Populaire, a universal and pan African financial group, with a strong growth and a real local anchorage !

  • 6th biggest Banking Group in Africa, by Equity
  • Present in 28 countries including 14 in Africa
  • Various activities and large ecosytems

The Fintech Challenge gives you the opportunity to work with one of the largest financial groups in Africa. Through this collaboration:

– you will be able to improve your solution at a low cost (all experimentation costs will be covered) and with the support of internal expertise from the Banque Centrale Populaire Group (GBCP).

– More importantly, you will get access to new African markets, GBCP operating in 14 African countries, with a low risk factor.

Furthermore, if your solution is currently used in an industry other than the financial sector (e.g. retail) but can be adapted to one of the challenges, the Fintech Challenge will allow you to access a whole new industry.

The 30 startups that will be selected based on their application form will participate in a Bootcamp in Casablanca or Abidjan. These startups will be supported and trained to refine their value proposition and will get to work with our business and innovation experts to improve their problem-solution fit.

The winning startups after the Demo Day will be trained and supported by experts from our partner Impact Lab and will have the opportunity to experiment their solution within the Banque Centrale Populaire Group (GBCP) during 3 months.

Finally, if the experimented solution proves its potential, a partnership can be formalized between GBCP and the startup in order to implement and deploy the solution.

Closing date: 23 December 2018

Apply here!