Scott Hospital School of Nursing (SSN)


    Scott College of Nursing is an academic institution which focuses on providing its learners with high quality, comprehensive and sustainable nursing Education based on research, scientific technology and Christian foundation.

    The mission of Scott Hospital School of Nursing is to develop polyvalent, competent nurses, who are lifelong learners and are able to provide holistic quality essential nursing services at all levels and settings in Lesotho and internationally.

    The Scott College of Nursing regards the nursing profession as both a noble choice as well as a calling. As a Lesotho Evangelical church in South Africa (LECSA) College, they care for the patient physical, mental and spiritual needs. In everything that they do, they put Christ as the leader who will guide in day to day activities.


    Location: Morija

    Academic year: starts in July and ends in June

    Number of students enrolled: 149

    Number of programmes: 3




    • Certificate in Nursing Assistant
    • Diploma in General Nursing
    • Diploma in Midwifery