Retail Banker


    Retail bankers are employed by major high street banks to undertake the strategic and day-to-day management of their branches.

    You will help with the financial requirements of individuals and businesses and provide advice and financial services. This can include:

    • assisting in the movement of money via payment mechanisms;
    • authorising loans and overdraft facilities;
    • setting up saving accounts and bonds.



    • recruiting, training, supervising and appraising banking staff
    • discussing the financial requirements of, and providing financial advice to clients
    • assessing and reviewing financial circumstances
    • processing payments and withdrawals
    • authorising and evaluating overdrafts and loans
    • developing a network of local business contacts
    • promoting the bank’s services
    • managing budgets and meeting targets
    • maintaining statistical and financial records
    • dealing with complaints



    Although a specific subject is not required, particularly helpful degrees include:

    • business studies;
    • economics;
    • management;
    • marketing;
    • mathematics.

    If you don’t have a degree you may be able to join a bank in an entry-level customer service role and work up to management level through in-house management courses, some of which are fast-track programmes.

    Increasingly, banks are looking to recruit people from their competitors, or even retailers from other industries.



    • Good leadership skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • IT skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Teamworking skills
    • Numerical skills
    • Verbal/written communication skills