Public House Manager


    Public house managers are responsible for overseeing the running and profitability of pubs and for managing their employees.

    In this management position, you would oversee the running of all aspects of the business, including front-of-house work, staff recruitment, accounting, stock control and possibly additional duties like marketing and advertising.

    Being a pub manager requires strong management, commercial and practical skills. You would have to constantly adapt to ensure that the pub is profitable, pleasant and safe and that it is run in accordance with the law and ethical guidelines.



    • recruiting, training and supervising staff
    • managing budgets
    • maintaining statistical and financial records
    • planning and problem solving
    • promoting and marketing the business
    • ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws
    • serving customers
    • placing orders
    • stock-taking and re-stocking
    • handling administration and paperwork
    • organizing and promoting social events such as quizzes, karaoke evenings, live music and live comedy
    • liaising with customers, employees, suppliers, licensing authorities, sales representatives and the police
    • marketing products
    • making improvements to the running of the business
    • setting targets and maximizing profitability.



    No formal qualifications are required to enter this profession, although the following degree or diploma subjects may improve your chances and allow you to progress more quickly:

    • business and hospitality;
    • business or management;
    • hospitality management;
    • hotel and catering;
    • marketing.



    • a commercial approach (preferably developed through experience in a retail environment) and the ability to organize successful marketing and promotional activities;
    • a working knowledge of cellar management and catering;
    • literacy and numeracy skills;
    • ability to set and meet targets;
    • excellent staff management and leadership skills, plus excellent communication and social skills;
    • an understanding of relevant legislation;
    • knowledge of products served and customer facilities;
    • capability to respond positively to pressure.