Marketing Executive


    Marketing executives aim to maximize profits through developing sales strategies that match customer requirements and by promoting products, services or ideas.

    The role of a marketing executive can encompass creative, analytical, digital, commercial and administrative responsibilities. The details of the role will vary depending on the type and size of employer, as well as the industry. Executives are likely to work closely with other employees in areas such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution.


    Employers of Marketing Executives

    As marketing is a core element of all organizations, marketing opportunities can be found across all industry sectors.

    Marketing professionals work in small and large organizations within the private, public and voluntary sectors. They range from the financial, consumer and information technology industries to not-for-profit organizations, such as charities, local government and higher education institutions.

    Opportunities also exist at full-service marketing agencies, which develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns on behalf of their clients. These agencies offer a multidisciplinary service to clients as many look for a full ‘communications’ package. This is because they either lack marketing expertise or because they need to supplement their in-house marketing support.



    • overseeing and developing marketing campaigns
    • conducting research and analyzing data to identify and define audiences
    • devising and presenting ideas and strategies
    • promotional activities
    • compiling and distributing financial and statistical information
    • writing and proofreading creative copy
    • maintaining websites and looking at data analytics
    • organizing events and product exhibitions
    • updating databases and using a customer relationship management (CRM) system
    • coordinating internal marketing and an organisation’s culture
    • monitoring performance
    • managing campaigns on social media.



    This area of work is open to all graduates but marketing is an increasingly competitive sector to enter and a degree or a diploma in the following subjects may be particularly useful:

    • advertising;
    • business or management;
    • communications;
    • IT or computer science;
    • marketing;
    • psychology.

    Employers often like marketing candidates to have good analytical skills and to be aware of digital media techniques, so subjects that demonstrate these skills will be helpful.



    • Good teamwork skills
    • Communication skills and networking ability
    • Adaptability
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Good organization and planning skills
    • Creativity and writing skills
    • Commercial awareness
    • Numerical skills
    • IT skills