Maluti Adventist College (MAC)


    Maluti Adventist College is a Seventh Day Adventist owned and run institution of higher learning situated in Berea District and Mapoteng area Lesotho. It was established in 1958 first as a school of nursing offering certificate and later diploma in general nursing programme. In 1971 diploma in Midwifery was added first at certificate level but later at diploma level.

    The mission of Maluti Adventist College is to provide and maintain high quality comprehensive and holistic education to all learners regardless of any discriminative factors that may influence their learning outcomes; thus developing highly skilled and countable professionals capable of advancing in their various professions and evidence-based practices.


    Location: Mapoteng

    Academic year: starts in July and ends in June

    Number of students enrolled: 259

    Number of programmes: 2




    • Diploma in General Nursing
    • Diploma in Midwifery