Magazine Journalist


    Magazine journalists research, write and edit stories, features and articles for use within a variety of media including magazines, journals and corporate publications.


    Employers of magazine journalists

    • Major commercial publishing houses
    • Smaller specialist publishers
    • In-house magazines for corporate customers
    • Consumer or specialist magazines



    • researching a subject and story;
    • writing and editing news stories and features in the publication’s house style;
    • ensuring work is well written, accurate and submitted to deadline;
    • conducting interviews, either in person or remotely;
    • attending seminars, conferences and fairs (some magazine publishers hold exhibitions and events to allow advertisers to meet their readership);
    • generating ideas for stories;
    • sourcing images to accompany written pieces;
    • meeting with colleagues to plan the content of the issue and the character of the publication;
    • keeping up to date with trends and developments relating to the magazine’s subject matter.



    Although not strictly necessary, most new magazine journalists have a degree. However, entry without a degree or a diploma is possible, as experience and determination count for a lot in the industry.

    Relevant experience gained via freelance work, articles in magazines, student newspapers, writing competitions or voluntary work is essential.

    With much of magazine journalism now being outsourced, freelancing is more common and the majority of magazine copy is written by freelancers. Many people make successful careers as freelance magazine journalists, contributing pieces to a variety of publications.



    • excellent writing skills;
    • a proactive approach to investigating and good research skills;
    • determination and persistence;
    • strong interpersonal skills;
    • a demonstrable interest in the subject of the magazine;
    • IT skills and familiarity with commonly used software, such as HTML, Photoshop, and InDesign.