Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT)


    Limkokwing University is a private Malaysian university that offers accredited and recognised diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes.

    Limkokwing University brings out the best in young people so they are empowered to transform the impossible into the possible. This is what Limkokwing University wants to imbue in every Mosotho determined to change his or her life through a 21st century education.

    At Limkokwing University, they make it their responsibility to ensure that students are given every opportunity to get the best academic qualifications as well as a variety of activities that will develop their talents through industry-related projects as well as extra-curricular involvement that will build their confidence. The next phase of the country’s growth can be shaped by today’s generation of Basotho.


    Location: Maseru

    Academic year: starts in August and ends in June

    Number of students enrolled: 3245

    Number of programmes: 31

    Application fee: M85.00



    Faculty of Business & Globalization

    • Associate Degree in Business Management
    • Associate Degree in Marketing
    • Associate Degree in Retail Management
    • B Bus Hons in International Business
    • B Bus Hons in Entreprenuership
    • B Bus Hons in Human Resource Management


    Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

    • Associate Degree in Information Technology
    • Associate Degree in Business Information Technology
    • Associate Degree in Multimedia in Software Engineering
    • BSc Hons in Information Technology
    • BSc Hons in Software Engineering with Multimedia
    • BSc Hons in Business Information Technology


    Faculty of Communication Media & Broadcasting

    • Associate Degree in Public Relations
    • Associate Degree in Events Management
    • Associate Degree in Broadcasting Radio & TV
    • Associate Degree in Journalism
    • Associate Degree in Film Production
    • BA Hons in Professional Communication
    • BA Hons in Broadcasting & Journalism
    • BA Hons in Digital Film


    Faculty of Design & Innovation

    • Associate Degree in Graphic Design
    • Associate Degree in Creative Advertising
    • Associate Degree in Fashion & Apparel Design
    • B Des Hons in Professional Design
    • BA Hons in Fashion & Retailing


    Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment

    • Associate Degree in Architecture Technology
    • BA Hons in Interior Architecture


    Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality

    • Associate Degree in Tourism Management
    • Associate Degree in International Tourism
    • Associate Degree in Hotel Management
    • BA Hons in Tourism Management