Lesotho College of Education (LCE)


    The Lesotho College of Education began its life in 1975 under the name of National Teacher Training College (NTTC).

    The Lesotho College of Education is at present the sole provider, in Lesotho, of basic pre-service teacher education to the diploma level, intended for teaching in primary schools and for teaching in the  of secondary schools.

    It also provides in-service, part-time distance teacher education to enable unqualified and under-qualified primary school teachers to become qualified to the diploma level.  In addition to these central tasks, the College participates, as needs and opportunities arise, in research, consultancy and evaluation work relevant to the educational system, in the formulation of educational policy, and in the provision of short training courses for teachers.  It is increasingly providing consultancy services to the education system as may be commissioned from time to time.

    The primary mission of the Lesotho College of Education is to train and produce competent teachers for the school system of Lesotho who are also able to offer necessary services in the community. Thus, the philosophical basis of the College encompasses the principles of life-long education and continuous professional growth and development of practitioners in education.


    Academic year: starts in January and ends in December
    Number of students enrolled: 4,130
    Number of programmes: 3


    • Diploma in Education (Primary)
    • Diploma in Education (Secondary)
    • Certificate in Early Childhood Education (CECE)