Learning Disability Nurse:


    Learning disability nurses provide care and support to adults and children with learning difficulties to help them live as independently as possible.

    In this role you will help people of all ages with learning disabilities to maintain their health and well-being and to live their lives as fully and independently as possible. You’ll also offer support to their families, carers and friends.


    Employers of learning disability nurses

    • Residential homes
    • Social services
    • Charities
    • Specialist schools
    • Day centers



    • assessing and planning care requirements
    • advising about and organizing appropriate care, resources or benefits
    • writing care plans that outline timescales
    • assisting with basic, practical living skills, such as getting dressed, preparing food and travelling
    • liaising with relatives, colleagues and other social welfare or healthcare professionals
    • monitoring and administering medication and injections
    • providing support to relatives
    • writing records and reports
    • meeting clients at home or at clinics to discuss progress
    • organizing social activities and holidays for clients in residential care
    • helping to enable clients to have full and independent lives



    To become a learning disability nurse you must have a nursing degree or diploma and registered with a respective regulating body.

    Any experience of caring for or working with people (e.g in a care home or hospice) can be helpful.



    • empathy, sensitivity and compassion when working with patients and their families;
    • flexibility as you’ll be dealing with patients who have a range of needs;
    • patience in difficult circumstances and because results may not be quick;
    • assertiveness and the ability to advocate for people with learning disabilities;
    • emotional resilience;
    • good communication skills and the ability to gain the trust of people from a range of backgrounds;
    • ability to work as part of a team.