Immigration Officer


    Immigration officers are responsible for helping to maintain effective immigration control by checking the eligibility of passengers to enter Lesotho at entry points.

    The job entails checking immigration documents as well as the signing off of any passports.



    • observing passengers passing through passport control areas
    • examining passports
    • conducting interviews
    • taking fingerprints
    • carrying out surveillance
    • organizing the removal of passengers who fail to qualify for entry
    • collecting statistics
    • writing reports



    There are routes into becoming an immigration officer for both graduates and school leavers.

    There are no set qualification requirements for becoming an immigration officer, so graduates can have a degree in any subject. However, qualifications in languages or legal studies can prove advantageous.



    Immigration officers need to be assertive and have confidence in their own judgement while being fair and impartial. They need to be quick-thinking and observant to stop potential illegal immigrants. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.