Herbalists treat a variety of physical conditions, illnesses and allergies through the holistic use of plants in conjunction with medical knowledge.

    In this role you’ll use your knowledge of plant medicines and their therapeutic applications to promote health and relieve illness. You will take a holistic approach to treating patients, looking at the underlying causes of the illness and not just the symptoms, and will prescribe herbal remedies to be used alongside other treatments and medicines.


    Employers of Herbalist

    Herbalists are self-employed and you’re most likely to set up your own practice after you’ve completed your accredited degree in herbal medicine. You can choose to work from home and adapt a part of your home into a space in which to diagnose and treat patients.



    • undertaking patient consultations to diagnose illnesses and conditions, and to select appropriate remedies
    • gaining information from patients about previous physical/medical history and symptoms
    • making physical assessments
    • planning and explaining treatment requirements
    • liaising with and making referrals to specialists or other health care practitioners
    • providing advice about diet, exercise and lifestyle
    • keeping accurate and confidential patient records
    • keeping up-to-date with new research and developments in the profession
    • managing stock levels
    • marketing and promoting the business
    • growing and producing herbal remedies



    It is necessary to have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, in addition to detailed knowledge of herbs and their preparation. A BSc Herbal Medicine qualifications can also help.




    • a sense of vocation, to heal and support patients
    • excellent communication and listening skills and a strong interest in people
    • a high level of emotional maturity and resilience
    • the confidence to promote your services and business
    • commitment and perseverance
    • the ability to maintain appropriate boundaries between yourself and your patients.