Fitness Centre Manager


    Fitness centre managers are responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day management of centres dedicated to physical fitness.

    Fitness centre managers generally work in centres or clubs that contain a fitness suite or gym and perhaps some or all of the following:

    • swimming pool;
    • sports halls or courts;
    • spa, sauna or therapy area;
    • catering and other recreational facilities.


    Employers of Fitness Centre Manager

    • local authorities;
    • health authorities;
    • universities;
    • private health clubs and fitness centres;
    • corporate gyms.



    • designing and promoting activities to meet customer demand and generate revenue;
    • advertising and promoting the club or centre to increase usage, which may include commissioning and considering market research;
    • maintaining high levels of customer care, often with a particular focus on avoiding loss of existing users;
    • prioritizing target activities and user groups (especially in local authority centres);
    • managing maintenance, insurance, repairs and cleaning;
    • recruiting, training and supervising staff, including managing staff rotas;
    • carrying out health and safety checks on the equipment and site;
    • handling complaints and incidents, e.g. accidents, emergencies or theft;
    • ensuring own and staff members’ first aid training is up to date;
    • delivering some fitness training or coaching in sports activities – often a good way of maintaining contact with customers;
    • preparing and checking budgets and generating income;
    • cashing-up and keeping stock records;
    • purchasing equipment and supplies;
    • using advanced management information (e.g. footfall, popularity of classes by hour) to improve provision and timetables and cope with fluctuations in demand;
    • writing monthly or weekly reports and preparing cash projections for centre owners or more senior management.



    Employers may prefer graduates with qualifications in sports science, recreation or leisure studies, health management, physiology, life sciences, business or management.



    • an interest (but not necessarily outstanding performance) in physical fitness and sport;
    • good interpersonal, time management and organizational skills;
    • good team-working skills and the ability to lead and motivate a team;
    • business acumen, creative thinking and problem-solving;
    • energy and resilience;
    • flexibility and multi-tasking skills;
    • computer literacy;
    • a customer-focused, approachable and outgoing personality;
    • the ability to relate to the requirements of customers from all age groups and sectors of society.