Exhibition Organiser


    Exhibition organizers are responsible for every aspect of exhibition planning, marketing, organisation and administration.


    Employers of Exhibition Organizers

    Employers include exhibition centres, specialist exhibition organizing companies and major private companies. Self-employment is an alternative option, although this necessitates a good network of contacts.



    • locating suitable venues
    • financial and managerial administration
    • marketing and selling exhibition space/stands
    • coordinating sponsorship
    • advertising and publicising events
    • liaising with caterers, suppliers and contractors
    • writing promotional material/press releases
    • overseeing the production of tickets and advertisement material
    • undertaking market research
    • ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.



    It is possible to start as an exhibition assistant and work up to being an exhibition organizer. Any degree discipline is technically acceptable.



    IT, sales, financial, marketing and PR skills and experience are usually beneficial. Would-be exhibition organizers should have plenty of energy, the ability to cope with pressure and meet deadlines, excellent interpersonal skills, meticulous attention to detail, effective time management and organisational abilities.