Creative Director


    Creative directors are the creative leads at advertising agencies or in-house for the marketing department of a company. They work with the creative team to create, plan and deliver a strategic vision for clients.

    In this role you’ll be involved in planning advertising, supervising the entire creative process and guiding the team that works under you. The creative team includes art directors, copywriters and designers.

    This is a senior role for creative thinkers and proven leaders.


    Employers of Creative Directors

    • Advertising agencies
    • In-house marketing departments of large companies



    • building a creative environment for the creative team to work in and overseeing ideas and projects
    • taking responsibility for the creative philosophy and the standard of creative output across the agency or department
    • developing ideas for advertising or promotional campaigns
    • pitching concepts to clients if you work at an agency, or presenting to directors if you work in-house
    • overseeing several projects from start to finish, keeping to deadlines, and signing off on these projects before they are presented
    • liaising with clients to keep them informed and to highlight any issues
    • understanding the commercial aspects of the agency or marketing department
    • hiring and managing the creative team.



    While the traditional route for a creative director, namely a humanities degree and several years of hands-on experience, still holds true, graduates now come from a variety of creative backgrounds, management and technological roles.

    New job roles, such as content strategist, producer and app developer, offer new routes to senior roles. Key technology skills are increasingly a fast-track route to the industry.



    • excellent leadership and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to inspire the creative team to give their best
    • strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as presentation skills in order to make outstanding pitches
    • plenty of creative ideas and an understanding of the clients’ vision
    • an awareness of current trends in advertising and design
    • a self-starting attitude and an open outlook
    • resilience under pressure and against deadlines
    • an understanding of how creative roles complement other departments, such as finance and data management
    • knowledge of the software and applications involved in the creative process
    • skills in managing people, projects and resources.