Children’s Nurse


    Children’s nurses, also known as paediatric nurses, plan and provide holistic nursing care to children suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. They play a key role in assessing the nursing needs of the child, taking into account their medical, social, cultural and family circumstances.


    Employers  of Children’s Nurses

    • hospitals
    • nursing agencies
    • day care centres
    • health centres
    • charities/voluntary organizations
    • schools
    • private health care organizations.



    • assessing and planning nursing care requirements
    • providing care before and after operations
    • monitoring and administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions
    • treating wounds
    • taking samples from patients and monitoring their pulse, temperature and blood pressure
    • playing with children
    • checking on the condition of patients
    • dealing with emergencies
    • supervising junior staff
    • organizing workloads
    • tutoring student nurses
    • obtaining parental consent for treatment
    • writing records
    • providing information, emotional support and reassurance to patients and relatives



    Prospective children’s nurses must study a four-year degree course. Graduates with a degree in a relevant subject such as the following can qualify:

    • physiology
    • psychology
    • education
    • life sciences
    • health sciences
    • biological science
    • social sciences.



    • respect, empathy and sensitivity when dealing with patients and their families;
    • communication skills, for listening to patients and explaining treatment plans;
    • the ability to work independently, particularly when based in the community;
    • observational skills;
    • flexibility to deal with a range of patients at one time;
    • team-working skills, especially for hospital-based work;
    • the ability to work in a fast-paced environment;
    • organizational skills and the ability to manage your time and workload effectively;
    • emotional resilience and stamina to deal with patients under difficult circumstances.