Business Adviser


    Business advisors provide financial and strategic advice to small and mid-sized companies. As an employed or self-employed business adviser, you’ll provide information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to business people.

    This could range from individuals looking to start their own business through to supporting established businesses to grow, scale up, change or diversify their business model.


    Employer of Business Advisers

    • local government
    • charities
    • social enterprises
    • local enterprise partnerships



    • possess an in-depth knowledge of the business support landscape and the ability to advise businesses on the range of options available
    • undertake diagnostic needs assessments with businesses, including analysing the needs of the business and working with the client to put a business action plan in place
    • develop your own professional network of associates who can provide a broad range of business and enterprise support services to your clients
    • build positive relationships with clients, partners, associates and networks
    • have excellent mentoring and coaching skills
    • attend meetings with networks and associates to ensure you keep up to date with global, national, regional and local business support initiatives to ensure your business clients benefit
    • undertake research on behalf of a business
    • communicate with clients, networks and associates
    • provide start-up businesses with advice and guidance to assist them to successfully set up and commence trading (and go on to maintain their own sustainable business)
    • provide tutoring on, for example, suitable business plans and cash flow plans
    • organize and deliver business networking events and business education seminars and workshops.



    You’ll need a minimum of a diploma in business-related courses. A bachelor’s degree in business or an MBA with a special focus in marketing is essential for certain positions.Professional training in any of the following financial services may be helpful:

    • HR
    • recruitment
    • marketing
    • accountancy
    • finance and banking



    • business acumen
    • a good understanding of business functions such as sales and marketing, finance, operations, leadership and management
    • strong verbal communication skills for articulating ideas to clients
    • excellent written communication skills for producing plans, reports, evaluations and funding applications
    • strong numeracy skills and a good command of English, with the ability to adapt these to a range of clients
    • the ability to listen and interpret clients’ needs and requests
    • good analytical skills to conduct needs assessments, analyze data and produce clearly defined reports and action plans
    • close attention to detail and accuracy
    • organizational skills with the ability to collect and disseminate information
    • the ability to work independently and flexibly
    • a capacity to prioritize your work and to work across multiple projects
    • a high level of interpersonal skills, including team-work and the ability to build effective relationships with clients and deliver excellent customer service
    • creative skills to enable you to solve problems and contribute new and innovative ideas
    • the ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
    • networking and consultancy skills
    • knowledge of the existing and emerging business support landscape
    • excellent IT skills and knowledge of social media platforms.