Architectural Technologist


    Architectural technologists work closely with architects, helping to ensure that their designs develop into fully operational structures. They specialize in the technology of architecture, focusing on the design of buildings for use and performance. This includes concept and technical design, development and detailing, construction technology, contract administration, creating inclusive environments, and sustainability.


    Employers of Architectural Technologists

    • Architectural practices
    • Construction firms
    • Property developers
    • Planning departments and local authorities
    • Housing groups
    • Higher education and research institutes



    • selecting the best materials and processes for the project
    • surveying sites and identifying location benefits
    • carrying out feasibility studies and risk assessments
    • assessing environmental impacts and identifying legal issues
    • analysing architectural plans and drawings, highlighting any possible risks or problems and making amendments using computer-aided design applications (CAD)
    • specifying the appropriate technology and tools to be used in the project and advising where this requires deviation from the initial design plans
    • liaising with the architect, surveyors and other construction professionals, sometimes managing the design project team
    • preparing documents to help with getting planning permission and similar approvals
    • visiting sites to check progress and inspect work



    A diploma or a degree in any of the following areas may help:

    • architectural engineering/architecture;
    • building services engineering;
    • building/construction;
    • built environment studies;
    • civil and structural engineering;
    • computer-aided engineering;
    • surveying



    • A strong interest in architecture, mathematics, drawing and design, with an excellent eye for detail
    • Art and design skills to complement technical know-how
    • Strong communication and leadership skills
    • Competence in CAD
    • An analytical mind with strong problem-solving ability
    • Strong planning and organisation skills
    • The ability to work on your own initiative and as part of a team
    • High levels of creativity, imagination and vision
    • The ability to work well under time and budget pressures
    • Must enjoy working with your hands and be willing to work outdoors