Agricultural Consultant


    Agricultural consultants are specialist advisers who provide technical, commercial and financial advice and information to farming, agricultural and public sector staff. A career in agricultural consultancy may appeal to you if you are interested in rural issues and would enjoy advising and supporting clients.


    Types of Agricultural Consultants

    • agronomy;
    • environment and conservation;
    • livestock;
    • nutrition;
    • waste management;
    • other technical applications;
    • business planning;
    • estate and financial management advice for agricultural businesses and farms;
    • personnel management.



    • visiting farms to conduct analyses and collect data, such as crop yield
    • measuring, analyzing and interpreting data
    • conducting land valuations
    • advising on compliance with current legislation and use of governmental or EU schemes
    • giving demonstrations
    • making presentations
    • writing technical publications
    • preparing reports
    • developing and maintaining a set of client contacts
    • maintaining awareness of developments in your area of specialization, as well as the wider agricultural sector
    • attending conferences
    • advertising and marketing services


    Employers of Agricultural Consultants

    • Agricultural development agencies
    • Public sector organizations, charities and conservation bodies
    • Government
    • Farm management consultancy firms
    • Co-operatives



    A degree in agriculture or another relevant subject is usually required. Whatever specialization you choose, prior experience of the agricultural industry is essential. The following subjects may increase your chances:

    • agricultural engineering;
    • animal or biological science;
    • crop and plant science;
    • environmental science;
    • horticulture;
    • soil science.



    • initiative
    • good written and oral communication skills
    • sales and persuasion skills, along with the ability to maintain relationships
    • technical and analytical skills
    • business acumen
    • proficiency in IT
    • the ability to work well within a team
    • a driving license