Consultancy for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Settlements


Consultancy for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of the Following Settlements: Matsieng, Mantšebo, Rothe and Mokhalinyane Rural Water Supply Systems


The Government of Lesotho has completed the implementation of the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Program (MDWSP). This is a multi-donor funded program aimed at improving the security of water supply to Maseru and nearby towns of Teyateyaneng, Roma, Morija and Mazenod in support of the GoL’s efforts to sustain socio-economic growth and development. The MDWSP comprised of five principal investment areas supported by nine development partners, including IDA. The main components include: 1. Advance Infrastructure; 2. Metolong Dam and Raw Water Pump Station; 3. Water Treatment Works; 4. Downstream Conveyance; and, 5. Environmental and Social Management.

The settlements under this programme were identified during the implementation of Lesotho Lowlands feasibility Study 2004 within the project area with populations over 2,500 and projections made on how these are likely to develop up to the year 2035. Where the identified settlements did not meet the minimum criteria of 2,500 individually, but as a result of growth had coalesced into one effectively continuous built up area were included for consideration.

Such settlements differ from the traditional RWS villages in several ways related to the position in the rural-urban continuum and will require different standards of services from those allowed for in the DRWS design manual as well as different institution arrangements for their functioning

In order to advise the Government of Lesotho on potential options for providing water along the MDWSP conveyance system, and the institutional arrangement that will operationalise the schemes and provide a viable solution to the problem of worsening security of water supply due to aging infrastructure and population increase as well as changing climate patterns. The Government of Lesotho through the assistance of World Bank determined that the detail design of the tertiary pipelines to the rural settlements identified during the implementation of the Lesotho Lowland Water Supply Scheme feasibility study be accorded a high priority. In this regard then the Ministry of Water through the Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS) are seeking expertise of qualified consulting firms to carry out a Detailed Design of the tertiary pipelines. This will provide the Government with the opportunity to decide on the most suitable options for securing future water supplies in the rural settlements in the lowlands of Lesotho and to follow up with the implementation of the measures required.

The present Assignment specifically targets the areas of Matsieng, Ha Mantšebo, Rothe and Ha Mokhalinyane in the Community Council Areas of Makhoarane, Lilala and Mazenod. These areas fall in the clusters of Matsieng, Moruthoane, Mokhalinyane, Rothe, ‘Mantšebo and Ramokotjo and were designated as Zones numbers 26, 30 through 35 in the last Study undertaken in this area under the LLRWSP design where the consultancy services were funded under the WSIP. A rough estimate of the population of this area is between 30,000.


The primary goal of the programme of connection of en-route communities to the MDWSP primary and secondary lines is to contribute to the attainment of the Lesotho Vision 2020 and ultimately the SDGs related to WASH in the project areas through improved and sustainable universal access to water supply, sanitation and related environmental health


The specific objectives of the present assignment are to

  • Develop Prioritization and Design Criteria for the type of settlements in the project area, taking into consideration the difference between the pure rural and the urban and peri-urban areas of the present systems
  • Assess the feasibility of upgrading existing facilities for incorporation into the systems of supply taking into consideration the communities views
  • Undertake a pre-design review of the feasibility and a detailed design of the systems consisting of A. Tertiary pipelines from the off-takes on the MDWSP DSC to Zonal Reservoirs and B. Distribution Networks from the reservoirs to villages in the settlements



Interested eligible CONSULTING FIRMS may obtain further information from and inspect/collect the full Request for Proposal at the headquarters of the Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS) at the address given below during office hours (08h00 to 16h15), Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

International eligible CONSULTING FIRMS are entitled to participate in the tender process but preference margin in favor of Basotho business shall be applicable during evaluation processes as per LESOTHO PUBLIC PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS 2007. For this purpose, consultants should submit with their proposals the following documents;

Articles of Association/Memorandum/Certificate of Incorporation, Shareholding certificates with identification documents of shareholders.

Proof of use of local labour/personnel

There will be a Pre-Bid meeting at 09:00h at DRWS Headquarters followed by a Site Visit on 8th August 2018.

Proposal documents can be obtained at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of LSL5,000.00.

Sealed proposals bearing no identification of the firm and clearly labeled “Consultancy for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of the Following Settlements: Matsieng, Mantšebo, Rothe and Mokhalinyane Rural Water Supply Systems” must be delivered to the address below on or before the 30thAugust 2018 at 10h00

The Technical Proposals will be opened on the same day and time in the presence of consultants’ representatives who choose to attend in the Boardroom of DRWS at the Headquarters Building.


Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS) Headquarters,

Moshoeshoe Road, Between WASCO and LEC

Industrial Site,





For any clarification please contact Mr Seutloali Makhetha at Cell No: +266 5885 2758 or Mr. Felix Malachamela at Cell No: +266 5859 4444.