Brand Power; What makes a Brand?

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

A brand is defined as a group of products organized/clustered under a defined category, that fall under a company name. Omo, sta-soft, and others could be brand names that fall under an umbrella company, in this case Unilever.

But then, what makes a brand?

Well, some might say it’s all in the slogans they use… “Just do it,” right?

In most recent years we have seen an emergence of great brands in Lesotho, Sqo syndicate, KEMNET Networks Lesotho (*cough), Bonono merchants to name just a few.

I have always been interested in the power of brands ever since Steve Jobs told the world about his goal of making a dent in the universe, by using Apple to change people’s perspective, he wanted us all to “Think different!”

But then again slogans are just nothing more than taglines, they are just sweet words that are meant to entice the user, but in reality they hold no water.

The biggest brands in the world focus on the user, they target and zone in on your five senses; sight, touch, sound and taste, some even going a step further to touch your heart.

My feeling has always been that the best brands in the world are labors of love by visionaries who are inspired by nothing more than giving their gifts to the world.


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