Asian Corner: A taste of Asia in Lesotho

By Leoma Monaheng...The Food Journalist.


As a food blogger, I must admit that my whole outlook on food has much to do with the experience of the place I am eating at offers more than the food itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for a good dish, especially one with a lot of meat; I just feel that the country (Lesotho) does not offer much in the way of actual experiences or food adventures.

Places that offer much more than just the food and booze in the country are very scarce, so much so that I really do not bother with eating out, if you have seen one restaurant then you have seen them all right…? Well boy was I wrong.

Asian Corner is situated at Maseru Mall. At first glance one would be mistaken for thinking that it is similar to other “Asian” restaurants spread thickly all around Maseru…Nothing could ever possibly be further from the truth.

The restaurant does not claim to be a taste of Asia in Lesotho, it truly is. The menu offers everything from the mundane to exotic.

For instance: Dinuguan is a Filipino savoury stew usually of pork offal and/or meat simmered in rich, spicy dark gravy of pig blood, garlic, chilli, and vinegar. That’s right, cooked in Pig blood!

Also there’s sushi…When was the last time you had Sushi?


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